Our formula is simple:

Understand each client’s business.

Focus on each client’s needs.

Think laterally.

Think ahead.

Act decisively.

It all started…

In 2006 Olga Finkel started a law practice called WH Law. In 2012 WH Partners was created when James Scicluna and Olga Finkel formed a partnership based on a shared vision of a modern multidisciplinary practice, providing world-class advice, having best in class practice management, working for clients in areas in which its lawyers had deep expertise, diverse, open to the world and to training the next generation of lawyers to be even better than the ones before them.

Since 2012 WH Partners has gone from 6 lawyers and 2 support staff to over 60 staff, including, 22 lawyers of whom 6 are partners, several tax accountants, professional corporate service staff and support staff, as well as an office move and three office extensions.

Our team


Doing our bit - CSR

Giving back to society

Creativity is at the heart of our ethos. It should come as no surprise that we choose to invest in the creative arts, both financially and by dedicating time to assisting select charities or projects. We think that art brings transformational change in any given society and therefore we invest in projects or institutions which we feel broaden access to established artists and opportunities for budding artists. Another area of interest to us is education. The environment is also close to our heart. We have policies in place to reduce the amount of paper we use at the office and we religiously implement waste separation. Finally, we welcome the opportunity to support ad hoc initiatives such as supporting the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.
  • WH Partners supports SiGMA Pitch winner

    WH Partners supports SiGMA Pitch winner


  • Social Impact Awards

    Social Impact Awards


  • Art



  • Education



  • First ever pop-up exhibition in Malta of works by Birdman Hans Langner and Jens Mohr

    First ever pop-up exhibition in Malta of works by Birdman Hans Langner and Jens Mohr


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