The Internet has become an intrinsic part of everyday life. From information retrieval, news updates, email and voice communication and more- the Internet is used by over 3 billion people on a regular basis. This has led to a necessity for law firms such as ourselves, to develop expertise in dealing with cybercrime.

An issue such as a breach in security in a client’s system can lead to devastating consequences and cause irreparable harm as well as financial loss and damage to an organisations reputation.  We understand the sensitivity of dealing with situations such as these and our team are trained to deal with every eventuality, quickly and efficiently.

We advise our clients on measures to be taken in order to prevent security breaches, cybercrime and fraud relating to internet services, which in turn enables them to pre-empt and avoid the recurrence of such activities. We can also advise clients in “crisis management” during the aftermath in the event that any form of security breach is discovered. We advise them on the necessary procedure to follow and then assist them through any potential disputes that may arise.