Malta is a member of the European Union and has a long maritime history, due in part to its location in the center of the Mediterranean. Malta’s Grand Harbour has historically offered a sheltered and secure harbour in close proximity to the busiest trade routes in the world. Its many marinas are home to some of the world largest and most luxurious superyachts due to its excellent location and pleasant weather conditions.

Malta has developed a strong legal and regulatory system which has enabled the Malta flag to become one of the largest and most reputable registries in the world.

Benefits of registering yachts under a Malta Flag

  • Respected flag state and a member of the European Union with a stable political, fiscal and social environment
  • Adherence to International Conventions on Safety and Security
  • Fast registration process
  • Low registration and tonnage fees
  • No hidden costs and no inspection fees
  • No restrictions on the nationality for captain and crew
  • Preferential treatment for Maltese yachts in certain ports
  • May be registered in the name of a company, irrespective of nationality, or by an EU citizen
  • No restrictions on the sale and mortgaging of yachts
  • Owners of private yachts may benefit from the beneficial VAT treatment in terms of the Malta Yacht Leasing Programme. The VAT is calculated on the estimate time spent of the yacht in European waters

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