The Employment and Training Corporation (ETC), as the entity appointed to assess applications for Single Permits (Residence and Work) from a Labour Market point of view, wishes to announce simplification of its Labour Market Test procedures and new guidelines for the recruitment of employees from outside the EU/EEA (normally referred to as TCNs) and EU nationals who, due to transitional periods, are subject to such labour market considerations:

With effect from 1 August 2015:

  • Employers will need to provide proof of having themselves already advertised for EU/EEA nationals to fill the position through ETC’s vacancy system and either through media advertising or private recruitment agency. Justification must be supplied as to why each individual EU/EEA national who has responded is not suitable, along with evidence that the necessary advertisement was carried out in accordance with the requirements indicated in the new Employment Licences Unit Guidelines, accessible from the ETC website (
  • Recruitment in a number of occupations will be wholly exempted from any advertising on the grounds of well known exigencies of the Maltese labour market.  Such initial exemptions include occupations within professions of Health and Caring, Information technology, Finance and Auditing, Technical and Engineering, and Education.  A complete list of exempt occupations is also available from the ETC website (

Also exempted from the Vacancy Advertising requirements will be:

  • Posts of Managing Directors, CEOs and General Managers
  • Posts for which the salary offered is of €80,000 per annum or higher
  • Sportspersons and coaches, entertainers, musicians and crew on film productions
  • Applications submitted by Public Entities in conformity with national regulations
  • Students at ITS and other Higher Education institutions
  • Self-empioyed persons/shareholders who have invested at least €500,000 through a cash/stock injection within Maltese territory.

Guidelines and procedures applicable to individual cases are available on the ETC or by contacting the Employment Licences Unit on 22201283-291 or by email on

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