In recent weeks, the long awaited new General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) has been adopted and published by the EU Commission. The GDPR introduces a number of game changers which will result in increased responsibilities for businesses which process and store personal data, as well as the introduction of heftier fines, which will be as high as 20 million Euros for non-compliance and personal data breaches.
Obligations under the GDPR include appointing a competent data protection officer and carrying out impact assessmentsamongst others. The rules will become applicable in two years but companies have been urged to start making changes now and to use this transition period to start the lengthy process of putting measures in place and preparing for the introduction of the GDPR.
WH Partners is a leading multi-disciplinary law firm with particular expertise in gaming, gambling and the ICT digital industries and is one of the most experienced law firms in Malta when it comes to data protection. Our team is fully qualified to bring your company up to speed with the GDPR and the reform of data protection laws.
Let us help you understand your data flows, what you need to update and allow us to assist in strengthening your data protection systems and policies in order to bring them in line. We are offering to be your company’s Data Protection Officer and carry out the necessary tasks involved with such a role, as well as, performing tailor-made impact assessments for your company.
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