The European Court of Justice recently declared invalid a 2000 “Safe Harbour” agreement between the European Union and the US that allowed US companies to transfer data in huge quantities to their US servers. With this agreement now invalid, many companies will have to rethink the way they handle personal data related to users, employees, and customers. More than 4000 US-based corporations are directly affected.

Dr Dennis Voigt, an EU data privacy lawyer from Melchers, Frankfurt (a fellow IALF member) recently travelled to Oregon and Washington to speak on this regulatory change.  Dr Voigt has very kindly shared his presentation, which is accessible through the links below.

Link to Webinar:

Link to Presentation Materials:

At WH Partners we are able to advise on Malta and EU related data protection and, through our international network, we are able to advise or promptly coordinate advice on cross-border issues in Europe, North America and Asia.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information and assistance.

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