The Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) has announced that on 23rd March 2016, a new regulation will come into force as a part of the European trademark reform. As a part of this reform, all existing Community trademarks (CTMs) and CTM applications will be renamed as European Union trademarks (EUTM).

The new regulations give proprietors of CTMs (applied for prior to 22nd June 2012) that registered in respect of the entire heading of a Nice class, the opportunity to submit a declaration to the EU Intellectual Property Office, stating that their intention at the time of filing had been to seek protection in respect of specific goods and services that go beyond those covered by the literal meaning of the class heading.

A transitional period has been specified between 23rd March 2016 and 24th September 2016, after which, all trademarks containing class headings will be interpreted according to the literal meaning of the heading in question, regardless of their filing date and unless a declaration has been filed to specify otherwise.

To find out more about whether it is necessary for you to make a declaration, and to find out how these changes will impact your business, please contact us to find out more.

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