After many years of very little regulatory development, Mexico will start the reform process for its obsolete 1947 gaming law in order to enact a piece of legislation which is more in tune with the needs of the industry.

Gambling activities in Mexico are regulated by the 1947 Ley de Juegos y Sorteos, which basically bans almost all gambling activities in Mexican territory. However, the gambling industry was able to develop due to a series of regulatory decrees that allowed operators to bypass the limitations established by the gambling law.
However, recent constitutional challenges against the mentioned regulatory decrees have placed back in the agenda the need to reform Mexico´s primary gambling law.
The new bill is currently being drafted by the government and a special committee in the Mexican Congress, and it is expected that it will be made public in October, in order to be debated in Congress.
According to industry sources the bill will contain dispositions on the incorporation of a new gambling commission to be in charge of the licensing process for gambling licences. Most importantly, the new bill will establish new regulation on the licensing for online gambling games in Mexico. Some of the government proposals on this matter have already being made public and the government is now looking for feedback on their proposal.
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