Olga Finkel was recently a speaker at the International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL) Conference, held in Oslo, on the panel titled Cross-Border Regulatory Reform.

The discussion was about models that should be implemented in federal systems to ensure that a harmonious regulatory regime relating to online gambling develops, so that reciprocity of laws and standards take place across borders to other members in the federation.

Some case studies were discussed that indicated those systems where cross-border recognition has been implemented.  The forum also discussed a model which recognized the principles of online gambling regulation, and also talked about establishing a model code which sets out those principles of an online gambling regulatory regime, as well as those that are easiest to implement and those which are more difficult.

The discussion was very well received by all those in attendance which included chief government officials and decision makers from the four corners of the world,  leading representatives from top tier global law firms, as well highly-ranked executives from the gaming and gambling industry world-wide.

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