With AI on the rise and jurisdictions around the world trying to develop their own AI strategies, Malta aspires to establish itself as a key player in the market.

As the AI industry is expected to underpin $15.7 trillion of global economic growth by 2030 and has the potential of growing compoundly at a rate of 75% until the year 2021 the vision of the Government is for Malta to become “a place in which local and foreign companies and entrepreneurs can develop, prototype, test and scale AI, and ultimately showcase the value from their innovations across an entire nation primed for adoption.”

AI at WH

We have one of the strongest technology-driven businesses advisory practices in Malta and a deep understanding of both the technology and the regulatory framework.

Olga Finkel, Co-Managing Partner WH Partners, holds in addition to a Doctor of Law degree, an MSc in Computer Science and is part of the Legal & Ethical Working Group of the Malta AI Task Force. Her specialisation, backed by extensive experience and in-depth background in both law and computer science, includes data-driven and technology-driven businesses (AI-based, blockchain-based, FinTech, RegTech), gaming, data privacy and data security.

Our team assists on the full range of AI technology related matters and general advisory, from data protection and privacy, cybersecurity and intellectual property to tax, corporate and M&A, finance, commercial contracts, company incorporation and accounts.

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