Data Protection

Whether you’re a gaming company, a health care practitioner, an insurer or banker and you’re dealing with personal data, you must comply with the complex obligations of the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), as well as any local laws in an EU member state which are more restrictive than the GDPR.

We advise our clients at all stages of their projects or business cycle, in particular those in which management of personal data is one of the major components. GDPR is having and will continue to have significant impact on the way we do business but also in the way we use the internet.

Most of our clients have businesses which are international, which often means that they will transfer personal data across borders. We routinely advise on the legality of these transfers. We also advice on individual personal data rights including subject access, data porting, rectification and erasure.

Our data protection practice draws on the advice of a team made up of lawyers from a wide range of disciplines, including employment, corporate and commercial, immigration and regulatory, providing our clients with a well-rounded advice. 

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