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Over the past three years, our real estate practice has seen impressive growth and has become a notable player in the field.

Our lawyers advise on the full range of real estate matters, including acquisition, disposal, construction, restoration, refurbishment, demolition or lease of property. This includes advising on the promise of sale and subsequently the deed of sale, assisting with title searches, development planning matters and related appeals, negotiating contracts of works, purchasing or leasing of construction equipment, short or long-term lease agreement, both residential and commercial. 

Whether you need to lease an office, buy a property, obtain urban development permits, contract a property, we provide it. We can put you in contact with developers and contractors and help you in negotiation. We are also in close contact with all real estate agents in Malta. Thus, if you haven’t chosen already an office, we can assist you in going forward at a much faster pace. We can help you with contentious property issues which involves both litigation and arbitration.

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