Trusts and Foundations

WH Partners is equipped to offer comprehensive advice and assistance on both Trusts and Foundations in Malta. As a firm, we believe that the wishes of the clients should be given the utmost importance, and only once we clearly understood the client’s goals, do we proceed to implement them through the correct instrument.

Through WH Management Ltd, WH is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) in Malta to act as trustee and administrator of Malta trusts and foundations in terms with the Trusts and Trustees Act in Malta. As trustees and administrators our main priority is to ensure that property and cross-border assets settled on trust or endowed to a foundation, as well as any profits they may generate, are carefully managed and administered throughout the lifetime of the trust or foundation, for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

Our multi-disciplinary team, which comprises of specialised lawyers in this field, corporate administrators and service managers, is proficient in providing the necessary assistance for the establishment, running and maintenance of trusts and foundations.

Having long-standing experience in this sector, our team also assist clients with the drafting of instruments for both trusts and foundations, along with the settling or endowment of property, and any taxation or accounting implications that might arise.

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