12 — 14

AUG 2019

Gaming, Racing & Wagering Australia (GRWA)

Joseph F. Borg is one of the speakers of the 10th edition of Gaming, Racing & Wagering Australia (GRWA). 

Gaming, Racing & Wagering Australia (GRWA) is the region’s premier gaming conference taking place on 12-14 August 2019, bringing together Australia’s leading sports betting, gaming, wagering, lottery and racing executives to learn about the latest developments in the industry, incoming regulations, and business strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Partner Joseph F. Borg joined the speaker list of the Innovation in Tech, Marketing and Security Conference, taking place on Wednesday, 14th August and will give a keynote presentation about how blockchain can be embedded into gaming. 

Topics include: 

  • Back to basics: Introducing blockchain
  • Understanding how blockchain is disrupting the gaming industry globally
  • Exploring if it can add transparency and provable fairness
  • Looking at how it can increase security and immutability
  • Assessing how and if faster, easier and cheaper remittances are possible?
  • Case Study: Showcasing how Malta created the perfect ecosystem.