Emma-Marie Sammut

Emma-Marie’s main areas of interest comprise direct and indirect taxation, international taxation, as well as citizenship and immigration matters. 

Emma-Marie has extensive experience in student activism and formed part of several student organisations, most prominently the Ghaqda Studenti tal-Ligi (GhSL). She served as the organisation’s Publications Officer in 2019, during which time she oversaw the publishing of the 29th Edition of ‘Id-Dritt’ – a leading legal journal on the Maltese Islands. She also went on to contribute to the 30th Edition of ‘Id-Dritt’, publishing an article entitled ‘Can directors and shareholders be held liable for acts committed by the company?’ in 2020.

She also served as the organisation’s Vice-President in 2020. 

Emma-Marie is a Bachelor of Laws (with Honours) graduate, publishing her thesis entitled ‘Technology: A Threat or an Aid to the Legal Profession?’ in 2020. She is presently reading for her Master of Advocacy at the University of Malta and is expected to graduate in September 2021. 

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